First, I would start by saying that this blog is a product review and comparison between my wired handsfree speaker and my wireless Bluetooth neck tone speaker experience. I have used the two devices at two separate occasions and I can make these review based what I like and do not like about them.

Before I made my final port to wireless, I had a very extensive use of the wired handsfree �earpiece� and although every purchase brought the same feeling of uncertainty whether it would function well for a long time or not, they had good sound quality. Most of them were relatively cheap, in amount and quality of the earpiece; no wonder they hardly stood the test of time. Wired earpieces have various brands, model and color too but I always purchased the white ones from Samsung, TECNO or any other brand.

I cannot possibly put a date to when handsfree became prominent and when people started to embrace it, all I know is that it is a phone accessory many young and even older people cannot do without. It gives music or sound a different kind of feel in the ear bringing out all the quality of sound. Its consistent and prolonged use is not good for the ear drum, so I would advice against using the earpiece indiscriminately. 

On the other hand, the wireless/Bluetooth device is one that connects to your gadget through Bluetooth connection unlike the wired earpiece. Bluetooth devices started as home speakers; Mp3 players, then gradually they became better and more personalized such that an individual could wear comfortably around the neck and now, they have been reduced to air pods or ear buds; meant for the ear only. Technology kept getting better with Bluetooth speakers and they got even more comfortable to use.

Prices of these devices are not as relative as the wireless devices, they are more expensive but a good thing is that they come in various colors, sometimes to match the color of your gadgets. Now that I have made peace with my wireless Bluetooth device, I have really enjoyed it better and in my opinion, the technology evolution from the wired to the wireless device is completely worth it. 

Finally, I would add that VERBUM SHOP provides you with very quality gadgets and devices, ones that match your personality; it is a home to quality devices.

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