ICT Trainings

ICT Trainings

Verbum Networks provides qualitative and affordable ICT education for organizations, Schools, businesses and all classes of individuals. This is made possible through her ICT training department, the Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICOT) which offers various ICT Research and Training programmes.

We also offer mobile IT education that provides training for organizations, in the comfort of their offices, which meets the time schedule and convenience of our clients. We do not just provide IT training but also serve as the one-stop centre for all certification examinations. We achieve this by partnering with internationally recognized certifying bodies.

  • Coorporate Training: CICOT provides IT trainings for organizations and for both small and large scale business enterprises so as to boost employee performance.
  • Individual Training: CICOT provides individuals interested in an IT career with the best of ICT training so as to give them an edge in their various disciplines.
  • Educational Services: You can partner your school or institution with CICOT so as to give your students that IT edge they need to make a difference in the ICT world.


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