The COVID 19 experience changed our world in many ways for good, bad and all the space in between. But for tech, it was a whole new realization for everyone how technology had been so under-utilized. People discovered different new ways to remain �normal� using technology and while many were juggling at-home schooling of children and professional responsibilities amid stay-at-home orders because of COVID-19, the digital transformation accelerated. A lot of content creators were born during the compulsory stay-at-home lockdown because their gadgets were the only means they had to keep their �sanity� while interacting with family and friends; and while at it, they had the luxury of reaching a larger audience.

Many technological tools and applications gained more recognition during the pandemic because people needed means to get things done without having to necessarily move around physically. Businesses that realized that they would then need technology as their major means of getting to consumers, survived the economic pressure at the time. Individuals at the same time used technology to see their talents and abilities and even reaching larger audiences.

In the same vein, the COVID 19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on technology making it a safe space for job creation, opportunities, lucrative venture, creativity, production, etcetera. Therefore, it is important that people learn to use their gadgets for good things, we need to start to use them for things that will help improve our use of technology; learning and improving our abilities.

On the other hand, telecommunications companies as well as internet providing organizations made a huge profit as people needed to be active on the internet since it was an alternative to physical outings. Applications like Zoom were available to meet with families and friends, hold business meetings and so on.�

Now that the lockdown is over and the pandemic is gradually fading away, although there is still a very important need to always keep safe, some of these technological tools and applications that made life easy for a lot of people are still in active use. Hence, the necessity to always stay connected to the internet. VERBUM NETWORKS is an internet providing company aside many services that we provide. We help you to stay connected at very pocket friendly costs.�

So, yes! COVID 19 happened just so that Technology can blow! It was a blessing, but hin just dey disguise.

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